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Let's Get Acquainted

I am a mother of three, staunch proponent of accepting who you are and how you got there, and have a hankering for trekking through rough terrain to observe our closest living relatives (chimpanzees).

My professional life is a bit of heterogeneous aggregation of seemingly unrelated things, but behind this collection of seemingly chaotic and random experiences lies an exhausted mother with stories to tell. 

I have a BS in Anthropology from Arizona State University (I don't find "but it's a dry heat" to be comical anymore). My non-traditional educational journey brought me to my life's passion; chimpanzees and bonobos. 

My other passions in life are writing and helping burned out moms organize or plan their lives in a less stressful and more functional way (so they can enjoy it!) I also advocate for mothers to accept the diversity that lies in bringing up small humans. Motherhood should be the most beautiful thing you do in life, so why no burn down the things that are burning us out?

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